All classes and demos are hosted at the Dallas Glass Art Studios, located at

8510 Chancellor Row in Brook Hollow

The studio will supply all tools, glass, and colors necessary for your class.  

Disclaimer: It is understood that this offering is a learning experience and a general overview of basic glassblowing techniques. The instructors cannot guarantee that the pieces created will be successful.

Fill our class liability waiver out online prior to arriving to save time!

Booking: Min. 3 day notice is preferred, max. 60 day request. Dates farther out may be placed on our calendar but will remain tentative until approved by Studio Manager.

Deposit: Due upon booking. The reservation is considered finalized when the deposit is received. If deposits are not received within 3 days after a calendar hold, the appointment will be automatically canceled and reopened for booking by other parties.


  • Please read our Rescheduling/Refund Policy HERE. 
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • We require 48 hours’ notice to reschedule or 1 week’s notice for a refund (public classes and packages only)
  • We cannot issue any refunds or reschedule for no-shows.
  • You may donate your ticket to someone else as long as they sign in with your name or have a reservation confirmation. Please notify our studio if you are donating your event.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is planning for the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) for COVID-19, declared under Section 319 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, to expire at the end of the day on May 11, 2023. We do not have any exceptions to our rescheduling or refund policy for COVID cases. 
  • Please call or email us directly with any schedule changes. For best service, please do not reply to your e-mailed receipt to change your reservation. 

Preparing for Class:

  • Closed-toed shoes are required (no sandals)
  • All clothing should be cotton/natural fiber
  • Shorts, pants, and capris are suggested. Dresses/skirts are not recommended as cooling fans will be blowing and depending on your items, you may be kneeling down.  
  • Avoid overly flowy articles such as billowy sleeves, skirts/dresses, & tops
  • Hats or headbands is recommended to keep hair off the face when near our fans
  • Long hair should be pulled back securely with a hair tie or hat
  • Cold water will be available to you at all times; feel free to bring your own cold beverage or fillable container. 
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the release form OR fill it out online prior to arriving to save time!
  • Early arrivals will not be allowed to start their session early unless our instructors are complete with other events and all individuals are present. 

Dallas Glass Art’s main purpose is to provide all visitors with a hands-on glassblowing experience in classes, events, private lessons, and workshops. Our instructors work to make each guest comfortable and received an equal experience to all. We can accommodate wheelchairs in the glassblowing experience. If you require ramp access or other accommodations, please contact our studio prior to your appointment. We understand some guests’ abilities and needs vary so please contact us for any special accommodations or questions. 

Guests as young as 6 years old may participate fully in a glassblowing experience. Additional guests are welcome to watch at no additional cost but all guests entering the Hot Shop must complete our Liability Waiver. Prices are per item for Public Classes and Group Events and per reservation for Private Class Packages. 

  • Your glass art will be available for pick up at the studio 5 days after your initial class. Please allow for additional time if this 5 day period contains a National Holiday.
  • You will not receive an email notifying you if you attended a Public Class. Private Classes and Group Events will receive an email or call notifying you when to pick up. 
  • When picking up your items, please have each guest’s first and last name. For packages and private events, all items are boxed together and can be picked up at one time or individually if needed. 
  • If you cannot pick up your piece, please contact us for our shipping options through UPS. 
  • Your handmade made items will be held for a maximum of  30 days. All remaining class items may be donated to a good cause.

  • Guests must fill out and sign our shipping form prior to or on the day of your class/event.
  • Shipping/Packaging is handled in-house. 
  • Shipping Info Form

Items have varying degrees of participation. You will learn to hold the punty, heat the glass, apply color, and assist in shaping the item before knocking it off the pipe. Due to the difficulty level, quality, health, and safety reasons, we do not allow guests to blow into the pipe. Our instructors will also gather from the main glass furnace. Instructors may assist in shaping certain pieces in the final stages to insure quality. Please visit our PROCESS page to learn more.

We like to say “Hand Made, Hand Wash”. Glass can suffer from thermal shock (rapid and sudden change in temperature) leading to cracking or shattering. Since dishwashers can get hot, there is a chance your glass could crack or break.

We do not recommend it. Glass can suffer from thermal shock (rapid and sudden change in temperature) leading to cracking or shattering.

The U.S. Fire Administration recommends keeping medical oxygen tanks at least 5 feet from a heat source, open flames or electrical devices. Most of our glassblowing participation occurs near our furnaces and fire polishing flames, therefor we do not recommend participating in our glassblowing experience except for observing your other guests that may be attending (there is no cost to attend with your party if you are not making an item but we do require a safety waiver). If you still wish to have an item made, someone else in your party or our instructors can make the item at your direction and our glassblowers will work to accommodate you into the participation as much as feasible. Please note, however, this may be limited to applying the color to your piece only.

Per Reservation. Private Class (Package 1, 2 & 3) pricing covers the reservation time. You only need to purchase 1 Ticket for your booking and you may bring up to the max number of guests noted in the specific Package details.

The pricing includes UP TO the max number of people indicated in each reservation time (Up to 2 people for a Package 1 and up to 4 people for a Package 2 or 3. Consider upgrading to a Package 2 or 3 or booking a Group Event if you have more people. Additional guests are welcome to watch at no cost but they must complete a Liability Waiver to enter our Hot Shop.