Carlyn Ray – Owner / Studio Lead

Carlyn Ray first saw glassblowing the young age of 8 years old. From that moment, her world was changed. For this reason, she is passionate about offering the opportunity for the public to experience this magical material. She attended The College of William and Mary on a full Volleyball scholarship and majored in 3-d art with a minor in Psychology, knowing she desired to continue her love for art and involve children as well. Her studies took her around the world starting in Penland, North Carolina to Alaska, a couple years with Dale Chihuly, a couple of years blowing glass as entertainment around the world with the Corning Museum of Glass on Celebrity cruise lines, to Austin and finally back home to Dallas, Texas! She started the studio of Dallas Glass Art in 2014 where she and her team make chandeliers, wall art, sculptures and custom pieces under Carlyn Ray Designs.

Clayton Spaulding – Glass Instructor

During childhood Clay’s family was always eager to provide him with an artistic outlet for self expression. Clayton learned wood working from his father and grandfather, which instilled in him a love for working with his hands. In college Clayton discovered glass blowing which quickly became his preferred medium. Through the glass program at WTAMU Clayton has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in glass today. The WT Visiting artist series, and a trip to the International Glass Symposium in the Czech Republic, has provided Clayton with inspiration from national and international glass art. It is this inspiration which has fueled the aesthetic of his personal work as well as his approach to teaching.

Sara Spaulding – Instructor & Class / Event Coordinator

Sara Spaulding is a graduate from West Texas A&M University. From the beginning, art has always been a way for Sara to express herself and ideas, and Modern Feminism is something that as of late has been laid upon her heart. Sara uses glass, wood, metal, and other various materials to create abstracted feminine forms that emphasizes movement and strength of the material. She has spoken at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum about Modern Feminism and her Kilgore Research Grant from 2011 called ‘The Surveyor and the Surveyed – Research for Identity’. Sara has worked for the Native American artist Tammy Garcia. She joined the Dallas Glass Art team in 2014 along with her husband Clayton Spaulding. She schedules events, classes, and teaches slumping, fusing and glass casting.

Simon Waranch  – Apprentice Teacher

Simon Waranch is a 16 year old junior at the prestigious Booker T Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Downtown Dallas. Simon began drawing and painting at a very young age. His abstract works of art have shown in multiple galleries around the Dallas area, and he his works have been selected to appear in a number of curated shows. After a trip to Murano, Italy, when Simon was 15, where he was introduced to glass blowing, he began taking glass blowing lessons in Carlyn Ray’s studio, Dallas Glass Art. Very quickly Simon fell in love with the process and the possibilities of glass blowing. Like many before him, Simon got the “fever” for glass. After taken introductory lessons, and showing promise, Simon was promoted to an apprentice position with Dallas Glass Art. Over the last year he has continued on that path which has led him to working on a part time/full time basis with Dallas Glass Art. Over the summer Simon took glass blowing classes at Pittsburgh Glass Art and at the famed Corning Museum. Recently, Simon has begun teaching group glass blowing classes.

Simon loves the physical and artistic challenges of glass blowing. He looks forward to working with Carlyn Ray and her team throughout his high school years with the hope of attending a University and majoring in glass.

Sonja Baumgarten  – Office Manager

Sonja has always enjoyed working closely with the entrepreneurial spirit of passionate small business owners to assist them in achieving their vision, goals, and dreams. Years ago, Sonja had the opportunity to work with Kurt and Lynda Carlson of Carlson Glassworks in Middlesex, NY. It was this introduction into the glassblowing process that piqued her interest and love for glass. What sealed the deal to join Carlyn Ray Designs (other than her wonderful and creative art) was Carlyn’s deep passion to influence, inspire, and make a genuine impact in children’s lives through the arts. Sonja has a long history of volunteering and serving in non-profit and civic endeavors and is thrilled to be a part of CRD team!