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Glassblowing is an exciting and challenging art form that brings many different people in all walks of life together. Dallas Glass Art was founded in the hopes of sharing the wonderful medium with the world so we relish the opportunity to hear your stories. We’ve helped celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and even bachelorette parties! IMG_6918

Today’s story really moved the DGA staff so we asked her permission to be a feature on our blog. We would like to introduce Kristin and Mark Gaston!

When Kristin arrived at the studio, she had a wonderful and nervous smile on her face. As she began filling out her release form, she shared with us that today was a bucket list experience that she was finally crossing off! When asked why glassblowing was on her bucket list, she told us that her husband and her were in Hawaii when they saw a glassblower making sculptures for the first time. Completely enamored with the medium, she decided she wanted to try it herself, but.. there was a problem:

Kristin is afraid of heat.

She doesn’t even like to cook with stovetops or ovens, she said laughingly. As you can imagine, this came as quite the surprise but despite her aversion to heat, Kristin was able to cross glassblowing off her bucket list!

Under the guidance of Clay and the IMG_6942encouragement of her husband and the DGA staff, Kristin and Mark made a myriad of wonderful items during their private lesson.

We are very thankful to share these experiences with you and to spread our love of glass. We would like to especially thank Mark and Kristin Gaston for letting us share their story with you!

Comment below with some stories or bucket lists of your own!

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