Celebration of Life – Create Your Own

Ash Sculptures and Touchstones

Here at Dallas Glass Art, we celebrate many things such as creativity, art, spirit, and life. Unlike many websites and studios, our Celebration of Life Package gives you the option of participating in the glassblowing process.

Remember and celebrate the life of your loved one by helping create your custom glass piece.

  1. First, choose the package that works best for you and place your appointment with our friendly staff.

  2. Next, bring in the ashes that you would like to include in your orb, heart, or touchstones.

  3. Then, work with our trained instructor one on one to create your memorable piece. You will apply the colors of your choice and the cremations you have brought with the assistance of your instructor.

  4. After helping shape the piece and watching our process, take the remaining ashes back home with you.

  5. Your celebration glass piece will be at a safe temperature and ready for pick up 5 days after your appointment.

If you have any questions about our process, please contact us at the studio 214-741-1442

Please email us at classes@dallasglassart.com to schedule your Celebration of Life Private Lesson

Class Options

Package 1

  • 1-2 Participants.
  • 1 hour of instruction.
  • Choose from touchstones and small orbs/hearts.
  • $235

Package 2

  • 1-4 Participants.
  • 1.5 hours of instruction.
  • Create multiple items such as touchstones, orbs, and hearts.
  • $345

Package 3

  • 1-4 Participants.
  • 2 hours of instruction.
  • Create an urn as well as multiple items such as touchstones, orbs, and hearts.
  • $445