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Food for thought

June 6th-10th at Dallas Glass Art

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New friends, classes, and pieces in the studio

This week was a busy work week at Dallas Glass Art! Christoph Hubner joined us all the way from Germany for a jam packed week of glassblowing. Christoph arrived last Friday and spent lots of time getting to know our glass studio and working with Carlyn and Clay to produce beautiful bowls and vases for the store.

Christoph is from west Germany and grew up with glass art. His father is a master glass blower and taught Christoph some of the process, but as Christoph says, “glassblowing is like riding a bike, you can only teach someone the basics, from there it’s all individual style”. After learning the basics from his father, Christoph trained for four years at a glass blowing academy in Germany. Only about 20% of students successfully complete this glass blowing program. The American glass blowing process is very similar to the German process except for a few slight differences. In Germany the glass blowing furnaces are electric rather than gas burning. Christoph enjoys the entire glass blowing process and says that he can’t designate any one piece he has created as his favorite.

This was Christoph’s first time visiting Texas and he enjoyed how vast the city of Dallas is and the array of food and activities the city has to offer. “Keep calm, it’s only glass” he says.  We hope to have him back at Dallas Glass Art very soon!

Finished products! Come by the studio or store to check these amazing pieces out!

Finished bowls by Carlyn, Clay, and Christoph! Come by the studio or store to check out these amazing pieces! With one of our classes or workshops you can learn the basics of this cool art process.

On another note, our summer classes are in full swing! Come see us any Saturday morning from 10:30 to 12:30 to learn the basics of glass blowing and create your very own hand blown glass piece. You can get involved as early as this Saturday morning with one of our Glass Globes and Pears class at 10:30 a.m. Check out the “Hot Shop Events” tab on our homepage to learn more and get registered for a class! We hope to see you soon!

Creative Project with Girls Inc.

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We are all loving the process of creating these beautiful projects with Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas!  Also, we are super excited to announce that NorthPark Center will be hosting our chandelier for a few months with hopefully our mosaics, metal sign and details about the creation!

Girls Inc. is a non-profit that focuses on providing these young women with positive experiences and environments to aid goal setting, self awareness, and improve academic performances. And their mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.  They have spent several school holidays with us experiencing glass making and adding flowers to their chandelier.  

At Dallas Glass Art, they also work with other wonderful artists such as Katrina Doran and her son Taylor to create beautiful mosaics.   Here you see them working on mandalas, integrating the psychology of the mandala into our practice.

The girls visited a local metal shop, John Christian Designs and worked with John, John Sr., and Nick to create a metal sign.  They learned and experienced welding, cutting and fabricating.

What we find to be the extra exciting part is we have partnered up with CSI (Carter Science Institute) and with each activity we pair up a learning experience!

Through glass,  we taught conduction and convection. We also related the idea that glass is one of three materials to move light (along with water and plastic). They learned about light refraction and made rainbows!

Through the mosaics, Katrina has focused on geometry and patterns.  They specifically went over tessellation, polygons, measuring the area of a surface, calculating the number of tiles for the surface area, how to enlarge a drawing, and team work- lots of team work! The rabbit is 5′ x 3′ and is comprised of 3,375 tiles (tesserae)

And…. at John Christians Designs we were able to bring in circuits, measuring, electricity, currents, friction and all kinds of fun learning tools!  They cut metal and assembled this amazing sign that reflects the Girls Inc. logo!  They later masked off the letters and spray painted it back at the glass studio.

Through the hands-on experiences, the girls are also able to see what types of environments they like to be in… the glass shop has a totally different feel than the metal shop.

Each step of the way, these girls have learned something about themselves, overcome fears through sparks and fires, and learned to both trust one another and also see the beauty of working together as a team. 

Each person involved in this process has made this journey so meaningful. The glass team at Dallas Glass Art consists of our coordinator Sonja Baumgarten, glass instructor Clay Spaulding, artist Carlyn Ray, and our many helpers including Simon, Katelynn and Marta. Ashley Carter our educational coordinator who has started her own business seeing what a beautiful niche there is to coordinate instruments, lesson plans, and instructions to enhance students learning experiences- Carter Science Institute.  Our mosaic team- Katrina and her son Taylor, for beautiful projects that the girls just LOVE!  And John, John Sr, and Nick at John Christian Designs for opening up their shop and showing the girls another trade, how they can build it themselves, and they are only limited by their imagination. And of course the girls from Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas for their hard work and inspirational creations.

We are so excited to continue this project and just wanted to fill you in as we were in the creation process!  We will keep you posted!

Special thanks to Clayton Elliott for donating to this project as well as the Fritz Duda Foundation for continued support. Girls Inc. would also like to thank GE Capital for the opportunity by providing funding to Girls Inc.

You can visit our partners mentioned in this blog by going to their websites!





Thank you Katelynn Rigdon for supplying us with the video.

A special thank you to Tom Maddrey, with Maddrey PLLC, who is our lawyer building a firm specifically helps artists.  He volunteered his time to take the supplied photos. Thank you!