About Dallas Glass Art

The studio of Dallas Glass Art was started in November 2013 by Carlyn Ray to have a place to share her passion.   

Carlyn’s focus is to share creativity

  • by enhancing environments through custom site specific designs
  • by facilitating a place for people to experience, learn, and expose them to the magic of glass
  • by working with student groups, non profits, and at risk kids through an educational STEAM program in building works of art through a material that changed her life as a young girl- glass

Carlyn transformed the old 1950’s Texas Welding warehouse into a professional glass blowing studio to expand Carlyn Ray Designs, begin working with the community through Dallas Glass Art and also continue her outreach program Art Reaching Out

Carlyn Ray Designs is based in the studio Dallas Glass Art and this is where she and her team create custom chandeliers, wall pieces, and fine art.  Many of these pieces are created here, start to finish (excluding large metal fabrication) and assembled and prehung in the studio before installation. There are always new designs being created and figured out!

Dallas Glass Art is the studio name and the facility which works directly with the community to host classes, parties, workshops and events.  The focus of the studio is to entertain, educate and provide a magical creative experience to people while learning about this material we are all so passionate about!  Our most popular classes are our Saturday classes for the general community, our private parties, private lessons (where people can make custom projects and pieces with a guided instructor) and our larger events for team building and parties. 

ARO | Art Reaching Out is our outreach iniative (spelling) that is a multi-disciplinary program that seeks to involve students in the creation of an art piece for public display using a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) based production approach in conjunction with cultural studies and also sometimes involving a focus on a predetermined international/regional artist. The ARO program is aimed at female student groups and at-risk student groups and will feature various layers of community involvement.  ARO leads students and groups through STEAM hands-on learning exercises and applies these lessons in real life creative working environments to make public and large-scale art pieces. Mentors who have followed their passion lead the field trips and speak to the students. Students are exposed to the trades, learn and experience different job experiences and are apart of a large creative and collaborative process!


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